Buying a Diamond on the Cheap

Buying (cheap) Diamonds on the Internet Buying things on the Internet we all do, don’t we? At a guess that absolutely every person reading this has, at some point, found an item they really want and looked for it cheaper on the net. This is where the web sellers can leave you a bit in the dark. I know I certainly have! Generally there is nothing wrong with that, especially if we are buying something branded. An item as such is going to be exactly the same whether you buy it in store on the high street or online. It’s not really a risk, especially if it’s got a no-quibble returns policy. So what about buying diamonds on the net? Well I can tell you it’s very popular. But unfortunately, there are more pitfalls than you can imagine. A quick Google search for ‘bargain diamonds’, ‘cheapest diamonds’ or another similar term will return an infinite amount of companies offering to sell you diamonds cheaper than your local jeweller. It’s quite likely to be true. But what needs to be remembered here is that diamonds, or any other gemstone, are not manufactured to an exacting standard. They are mined, and we, as consumers, can only buy what’s available that’s come out the ground. Diamonds are graded after cutting. When you see the letters D – Z on a diamond’s grading certificate this is referring to it’s colour. D is perfect white or colourless. There is nothing better. Seeing the letters VS1 or SI2 refers to the clarity of the diamond. The best is FL (flawless) followed by IF (internally flawless) then runs down through the levels of VVS, VS, SI, I & P. So you may see a diamond on the internet with a grade like E colour, VS2 clarity and know full well that is a good stone. The colour will be pure, and the inclusions totally invisible to the naked eye. Yes, its £200 cheaper than my local jeweller quoted me. I should buy that, yeah? No! It’s really not that simple. Colour and Clarity are extremely important factors to consider when buying a diamond. But they are not the only ones. You must look further in to the Characteristics of the stone. You see, characteristics also involves the Cut, Polish & Symmetry of the stone. This is crucial. You could have D colour stone, with FL clarity, but unless the stone has Excellent or very good symmetry, it really isn’t going to sparkle. The symmetry and cut of the diamond is what gives the diamond the sparkle, not the colour or clarity. Then, there is Florescence. Something else you don’t want in your diamond. In short, it really is a gamble when you are buying on the Internet. You are buying an item of which it’s only purpose is to look good. You are going to buy that without seeing it? I have heard lot’s of responses to my warnings on buying stones on the internet. “Well there READ MORE